I have one Time Card template setup with SUMIFS (used for Excel 2007 and above templates) and one set up with MATCH/INDEX (used for my 2003 and below templates). I tested the calculation speeds for each in Excel 2013 (preview) on Windows 8. Here’s the VBA test code: Sub test() Dim dTimer As Double Dim iLoops As Integer, iTotalIterations As Integer Dim wksStage As Worksheet Set wksStage = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Staging Area") iTotalIterations = 1 dTimer = Timer() For iLoops = 0 To iTotalIterations wksStage. [Read More]

Coming TimeCard Software Updates

Just a quick update. I should be putting out the new Excel Time Card by the end of this week or early next week. This will be a big update. Including the following: Dashboard redesign (and Staging Area) easily change jobs on chart easily change settings on dashboard filter jobs on chart, e.g., you have TimeCard and TimeCard:Marketing, you can just put TimeCard* to include both on the same screen The template is now included in the program, so no need to download it I'm testing out a new updater so you can have secure and smaller packaged updates. [Read More]

Coming Soon...

I am currently working on a time card that will allow the user to track their time in Excel. This will allow the user to choose multiple projects at once and produce charts as a great visual to see how you are working. After that I will work on my advanced find in VB.NET. The long term project is the spreadsheet budget in Excel. This project is expected for first release in mid 2012. [Read More]