Retrieving Multiple JSON Arrays into Single SQL Table

Now that SQL Server is working better with JSON it is becoming easier to just put plain JSON into columns. It’s nice to be able to query the JSON directly in the database. The other day I was wanted to get a list of values in arrays. Here’s how I did it. First let’s set up the table: DECLARE @JSON TABLE ( JsonID INT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1, 1) , JsonData nvarchar(max) NOT NULL ); Some test data: [Read More]

Desert Code Camp 2017

Desert Code Camp 2017 was yesterday. I was slated to give four presentations yesterday. I ended up giving three. Three of them were on F#. I did Introduction to F# in the morning and had two more ready to go in the evening. But by that time everyone in the morning had already gone home, I’m guessing, and so the evening attendees probably would have enjoyed hearing Introduction to F# again! [Read More]

Database Programming Yin Yang

There are two different ways people like to write their SQL scripts when calling the database. One way is to write the SQL statements in their application code. Sometimes they will write an ORM to make this process similar to their language constructs. Sometimes they will write the SQL code directly in procedures. Pros and Cons of Developing in the Application Pros Low friction between application and database. [Read More]