Range Address from Number to Letter

Sometimes, before I realize it (and, I’m sure, others too) I do a bunch of work, that turns out that I didn’t need to do before. The RangeAddress function that I created is a perfect example of this. This function goes from a column number to a letter and returns the whole string range address. I started off with someones else’s code. I then made it work for me. Their code only worked for Excel 2003 and below. [Read More]

Get Range from Row & Column Numbers

Before I created a quite elaborate code to get the column letter from the column numbers. It turns out that it was much easier than I had thought before. So in the code below I’ve simplified it considerably by using the Cells method. In the function below I use a function called FindEnd. 'RRAnge ' -------------------------------------------------------------- 'Comments: This Function returns the desired range. ' 'Arguments: lRow First cell row number. ' lCol First cell column number. [Read More]