Bit Torrent Sync & Updating/Installing Programs

Bit Torrent Sync (BT Sync) is great software which can be used for syncing files. I use it for backing up all my pictures/videos/music/files/mobile computers. Well, I did some testing and it looks like it can be used for installing and updating software also. I tested it with my Windows 8 computer over to my Windows XP computer. I created an Excel xla add-in file and I also created an executable file. [Read More]

Distributing Add-ins via Installer

Recently I needed to create an installer for my add-ins using Inno Setup installer. Inno Setup is a free ware professional installer. It lets you use Pascal to create special code to help you install the add ins. Luckily, over at Dutch Gemini’s website he has helped with plenty of the code to get there. Very well done, I might add. It looks like he uses a single add-in file for Excel 2003 and below and Excel 2007 and above (for ribbon purposes). [Read More]