I have one Time Card template setup with SUMIFS (used for Excel 2007 and above templates) and one set up with MATCH/INDEX (used for my 2003 and below templates). I tested the calculation speeds for each in Excel 2013 (preview) on Windows 8. Here’s the VBA test code: Sub test() Dim dTimer As Double Dim iLoops As Integer, iTotalIterations As Integer Dim wksStage As Worksheet Set wksStage = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Staging Area") iTotalIterations = 1 dTimer = Timer() For iLoops = 0 To iTotalIterations wksStage. [Read More]

List of Excel Functions - Code To Use List

I saw a few people were downloading my list of Excel functions that I created. I thought it might be useful show the code that I use to get that data to a manageable format. Although the code is written in VB.NET it should be easily converted to VBA. [wpdm_file id=3] I use a simple structure (type in VBA) for the data. Private Structure ExcelFunctionInfo Dim Name As String Dim Category As String Dim ExcelVersion As Integer Dim Description As String Dim Syntax As String Dim URL As String End Structure I then just loop through the data in the string that was gotten from the text file. [Read More]

List of Excel Functions

For the advanced filter I need a list of Excel functions. There are lists, unfortunately I needed the list with the function parameters (syntax). I also wanted it by date. I have lists of just the functions for Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010 without the syntax. So I did some screen scraping of Microsoft’s list of Excel functions where I was able to get the function name, category, description, syntax, and website URL for that function. [Read More]