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Swagger is too Restrictive

Swagger has a definite idea of what makes a good URL. But if you want to do anything outside of that good luck. I think, that even though it seems like a good idea to push people towards a standard it doesn’t allow the user to really create RESTful APIs which suit their own needs.

Let’s say that you have a reports resource. Sometimes you would like to get the JSON data of the report. Sometimes you would like a partial static HTML page of the report. Well, with RESTful APIs you could have something like:

GET /api/reports/{id}

This will get the data which you wanted. Now, what about the report? You could:

GET reports/{id}

But that seems like it would get you a full page, not a partial page. What if you did this instead?

GET /api/reports/{id}
Content-Type text/html

The mapping of resources should be use all the available HTTP standards. Swagger doesn’t allow for this. This is unfortunate. The routes could have been mapped something like this instead:

  - url: /api/reports/{id}
      - Content-Type: text/html
        response: ...

It appears that the standard might become more flexible in the future. See the issue on Github.

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