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Bit Torrent Sync & Updating/Installing Programs

Bit Torrent Sync (BT Sync) is great software which can be used for syncing files. I use it for backing up all my pictures/videos/music/files/mobile computers. Well, I did some testing and it looks like it can be used for installing and updating software also.

I tested it with my Windows 8 computer over to my Windows XP computer. I created an Excel xla add-in file and I also created an executable file. Both worked fine after syncing. The following procedure was used:

BT Sync could probably work for:

The down side would be that for people which don’t want to install BT Sync you would need a back up updater/installer.

Let me know what you think! It would be interesting to hear other ideas on how this could work in the programming environment which haven’t already been thought of.

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