Father of four who enjoys, backpacking, reading, and programming.

Work in a Nutshell

I enjoy functional programming and am currently doing mostly F# with ASP.NET WebAPI (RESTful API), with SQL Server and also some ASP.NET MVC and front end programming (JavaScript/HTML/CSS).

I was doing node.js with MongoDB but found F# to a great language to work with in a .NET shop. So I ported it back to .NET platform.

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My Programming Story

I dabbled with programming as a kid and took a class in grade school. Took a couple classes in college. But didn’t really fully get into programming until I had an engineering position where I would automate part of my job in Excel VBA. After leaving that company I embarked on my own creating Excel add-ins. I started with just VBA but soon worked my way into the .NET world with ExcelDNA using VB.NET, C#, and finally F#.

I had one part time consulting position where I created a heat map in Excel with VBA. As far as I know they are still working with it today. It should have been built in JavaScript, but it was pretty amazing seeing the power of Excel and how well it worked.

When it was time for a full time position I started learning JavaScript/HTML/CSS. After a while I joined a programming boot camp where I learned full stack programming with PHP. I found a position where I am currently at doing Node.js and MongoDB along with .NET and SQL Server with some front end programming. After using Node.js for about nine months I decided to move it back .NET.

Now I’m working with WebAPI mostly in F# and I do C# ASP.NET MVC along with some front end programming.

¡It’s about the code, chè!