List of Excel Functions - Code To Use List

I saw a few people were downloading my list of Excel functions that I created. I thought it might be useful show the code that I use to get that data to a manageable format. Although the code is written in VB.NET it should be easily converted to VBA.

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I use a simple structure (type in VBA) for the data.

Private Structure ExcelFunctionInfo
    Dim Name As String
    Dim Category As String
    Dim ExcelVersion As Integer
    Dim Description As String
    Dim Syntax As String
    Dim URL As String
End Structure

I then just loop through the data in the string that was gotten from the text file.

''' <summary>
''' Takes string of Excel functions and puts it into dictionary.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="sExcelFunctions">String of Excel functions</param>
''' <param name="iExcelVersion_Descriptive">Descriptive version of Excel</param>
''' <returns>Dictionary of Excel functions.</returns>
''' <remarks>Jon Nyman 20120920</remarks>
Private Function GetExcelFunctionsFromTextToDictionary(ByVal sExcelFunctions As String _
                , ByVal iExcelVersion_Descriptive As Integer) As Dictionary(Of String, List(Of ExcelFunctionInfo))

    Dim dicExcelFunctions As New Dictionary(Of String, List(Of ExcelFunctionInfo))

    For Each sLine In sExcelFunctions.Split(CChar(vbLf))
        Dim sEachTab = sLine.Split(CChar(vbTab))
        Dim xlFuncs As ExcelFunctionInfo
        If sEachTab.Length = 6 AndAlso CInt(sEachTab(0)) <= iExcelVersion_Descriptive Then
            xlFuncs.Name = sEachTab(1)
            xlFuncs.ExcelVersion = CInt(sEachTab(0))
            xlFuncs.URL = sEachTab(5)
            xlFuncs.Syntax = sEachTab(4)
            xlFuncs.Category = sEachTab(2)
            xlFuncs.Description = sEachTab(3)
            If Not dicExcelFunctions.ContainsKey(xlFuncs.Name) Then
                Dim lst = New List(Of ExcelFunctionInfo)
                dicExcelFunctions.Add(xlFuncs.Name, lst)
                Dim lst = dicExcelFunctions(xlFuncs.Name)
                dicExcelFunctions(xlFuncs.Name) = lst
            End If
        End If

    Return dicExcelFunctions

End Function

This is where I read the text file.

''' <summary>
''' Gets excel functions from text document and put it in dictionary.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="sxlAppVersion">Excel app version.</param>
''' <returns>Dictionary of excel functions list.</returns>
''' <remarks>Jon Nyman 20120920</remarks>
Private Function LoadExcelFunctions(ByVal sxlAppVersion As String) As Dictionary(Of String, List(Of ExcelFunctionInfo))

    Dim sExcelFunctions = My.Resources.ExcelFunctionsListCleaned

    'Excel Functions
    Return GetExcelFunctionsFromTextToDictionary(sExcelFunctions, CExcel.GetExcelVersion_Descriptive(sxlAppVersion, 11))

End Function