Scribble Filter Now Available and Other Muses

I got the sale software all installed so I can sell the Scribble Filter. There’s still a few changes I wanted to make with it. I wasn’t entirely thinking when I added the ability to filter ranges directly when I add (among others). I should have made it more compliant to what Microsoft does. I’ll be working on changing that around now. It will probably be a little while before I incorporate all of that into the filter. If the sales do well then I’ll make it more powerful otherwise I won’t be able to justify the time.

On a side note. It is interesting how long this project took. I spent over 225 hours working on it. Of course, if I were to do it again I could probably slice that time down. So, that will take quite a bit of money to make this project worth it! For a programmer marketing can be the most difficult part and it is also the most important part. You can make the best program in the world, but if you can’t market it, it might as well not even exist!

I’ll try and get the trial version out in the next week or so. Wife is about to have a baby so it might take a little longer.