XML Comments

Comment headers above procedures can be convenient when you want to know what a function does and what the parameters are for – especially if they weren’t named with enough description. Luckily Visual Studio provides a way to do these comments easily and it gives you intellisense for your own functions! They are called XML comments. All you need to do is put in three comment markers (‘) and then it will fill in everything for you (if you already have the procedure/parameters filled in).

Here’s an example:

''' <summary>
''' Search sorted 2D array.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="oaArray">Array to search.</param>
''' <param name="IsEqual">Predicate determining equality (-1 - less than, 0 -
    equal, 1 - greater than)</param>
''' <param name="iSearchColumnIndex">Sorted column to search.</param>
''' <returns>First index of item or negative value before where
    the value would be located.</returns>
''' <remarks>Jon Nyman @ www.SpreadsheetBudget.com 120507
''' Source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_search_algorithm#Def
erred_detection_of_equality </remarks>
Public Function BinarySearch(ByRef oaArray(,) As Object _
                             , ByVal IsEqual As Func(Of Object, Integer) _
                             , ByVal iSearchColumnIndex As Integer)
As Integer