AdvancedFilter Class

Just so everyone knows. I’m going to postpone the AdvancedFilter series until I start working on it in .NET, that way I’ll remember more about what I was doing before. I’ll start working on that when I finish up the Time Card application and the Chart Manipulator.

Time Card

I probably won’t be finishing up the beta version of the time card until early April. I’m currently debugging the UDF function “SumDate” which is pretty central to the time card. For some reason it is outputting the correct results for all but one result in an array of results. I’ll probably get that figured out today.

Items that I have left before release:

  1. Update version via internet.
  2. Time Card Template
  3. Change items directly on chart. (This item will only be partially complete for the beta version.

 New Series

I’ll be starting a new series on a dll I developed for the time card that makes it easier to work with Excel, Excel DNA, and .NET.